EHC deals in COMATROL Hydraulics, Comatrol, a member of the Danfoss Group, is a global business within the hydraulic cartridge valve market.

Comatrol has built on its strength of experience over the last 35 years, becoming the market leader in the design of hydraulic cartridge valves and hydraulic integrated circuit (HIC) solutions.

Comatrol works collaboratively with customers and distributors, within numerous markets including the mobile, off-highway, energy, agriculture and industrial, to provide high-performance machine control systems.

Their comprehensive cartridge valve portfolio consists of over 500 high-quality catalogue products including:

  • configurable cartridge valves
  • proportional, solenoid and mechanical valves
  • pre-engineered HICs, including motor-mounted valves, fan drives, cross line reliefs and counterbalance valves.

Comatrol offers you a total solution to create innovative designs for optimal machine control and performance and Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets are committed to bringing that to the customer.

Relief Valves

Pressure Relief valves are used as safety devices to protect hydraulic systems and components. Comatrol product range consists of Direct-acting Poppet, Differential area Poppet, Bi-directional Poppet and Pilot-operated Spool types.

Advantages :                                             
  • Fast response
  • Contamination tolerant
  • Low leakage
  • Low cost
Product Series :
CP***, RV**, VEN**, VME**, VA*

Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure reducing valves are pressure limiting devices that limit pressure in one portion of a circuit while leaving system pressure unaffected.

Type : Direct-acting Pressure Reducing Valve
Advantages :
  • Fast response
  • Economical
Type : Pilot-operated Pressure Reducing/relieving valve
Advantages :
  • Smooth, stable response
  • High pressure capability
  • Precise pressure control with varying flow rates
Product Series :
CP***, PRC**, PRR**, PPRC**, PRMP**, PRR**

Check Valves

Check valves allow free flow in one direction and block flow in the opposite direction, Comatrol product range consists of Standard Check Valves, Reverse Flow Check Valves, Slip-In Check Valves, Inline Check Valves.

Functions :
  • Low pressure relief valve
  • Bypass for filter elements
  • Logic for load-sensing circuits
  • Anti-cavitation
  • Load holding
Product Series :
CV**, CP***, 3C**, 3CM**, RS**, 2RN**

Shuttle Valves

Shuttle valves are of two types, load shuttle valves and hot oil shuttle valves.

Type : Load Shuttle Valve

Functions :
  • Logic for load sensing circuits
  • Bi-directional motor brake release

Type : Hot Oil Shuttle Valve

Functions :
  • Diverting fluid from the low pressure side of a closed-circuit hydrostatic loop for cooling and/or filtering.
Product Series :
CP***, SV**, VS**

Flow Control Valves

Pressure compensated flow control valves are used to limit or regulate flow. Comatrol product range consists of restrictive-type, priority-type, and divider/combiner type.
Combination valves in manifolds for additional features such as fully adjustable flow or free reverse flow are also available.

Type : Restrictive – pressure compensated

Functions :
  • Meter-in or meter-out applications to control actuator speeds.

Type : Priority – pressure compensated

Functions :
  • Used in meter-in applications, directs fixed flow rate to a priority function, such as steering, while secondary flow is available to other intermittent functions.

Type : Flow Divider/Combiner

Functions :
  • Combining flow (forward) or dividing flow (reverse) to hydraulic wheel motors for vehicle drive application. 
  • Synchronizing motion of hydraulic cylinders.
Product Series :
CP***, VR**, VRF**, VRC**, HFCV**, FCH**, SC**, BC**, VDF**, 2F**
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