EHC is leading manufacturer for hydraulic operated road blockers, Road Blockers are designed to offer an impact-resistant barrier to vehicle access and are well suited to ‘High Security’ sites. Such installations may range from car parks through to anti-terrorist protection of defence sites. Whether the requirement is for a simple, low cost blockers for relatively low volume usage or a heavy-duty, anti-terrorist rated HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) roadblocker for frequent operation, EHC will supply a system designed to meet the individual sites exact needs. 

There are various options to consider when specifying your roadblockers.



  • The Parking Height Rising blocker with SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is a surface mounted unit requiring minimal foundations, which has a lift height of 300mm and widths up to 3000mm. 
  • Provides a simple solution and added security to sites where vandalism is a risk Typical operating speeds of 3-6 seconds* depending on configuration and width. 
  • 100% duty rating – designed for continuous and frequent use. Power is supplied from a three phase 400V power supply as standard, however single phase 230V supply is possible. 
  • Recommended that the rising blocker control cabinet is installed within 10metres of the unit. 


  • Industrial hydraulic pump drive unit Instantly 
  • Reversible Bulb failure sensor for traffic lights Industrial bulbs Override Switch Switched fused supply 
  • Mains indicator lamp Reinforced hoses for long service life Long life hydraulic seals 






  • This Hydraulic Power Units are tested and inspected before delivery.
  • Select a clean and well ventilated area to install the Power Unit.
  • Level the Power Unit before bolting the Reservoir to the floor.
  • Fill the Reservoir through the Filler Breather with a high quality Hydraulic Oil (68 CST)
  • Fill oil to the top of the full mark on Fluid Level Gauge on the Reservoir. Do not overfill.
  • Connect the Power Unit’s hydraulic pressure supply and return connections using proper line sizing and cleanliness practices.
  • Connect the hydraulic cylinder with the correct porting position.
  • Check the Motor name plate and Motor starter identification tag for proper voltage requirements.
  • Connect the Power Unit to a proper electrical source.
  • Jog the Motor to check rotation. Rotation must match the direction of the arrow affixed to the Unit or the Pump may be damaged. Polyphase Motors are bidirectional and proper rotation can be established by reversing any two power leads.
  • If the Pump fails to the prime, vent the Pump discharge to atmosphere to establish fluid flow. Continue to Jog the Electric Motor to initially prime the Pump and Lines. Completion of the Jog mode will be achieved when the pressure gauge indicates a positive pressure.
  • The Power Unit is now ready for operation.
  • The fluid level should be rechecked and maintained so it always registers in the sight gauge.
  • For most Industrial applications, an operating temperature of 66ºC (150ºF) is considered maximum. At higher temperatures, reliable and consistent hydraulic control is reduced, component service life is compromised, hydraulic fluid deteriorates and a potential danger to operation and personal is created.


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