At EHC Services, we can provide complete Servo Valve Repair. Regardless if it’s a Servo Pressure control, or Servo flow control valve, we have the experience and custom test equipment to ensure all of our servo valve repairs are fully tested in our environmentally controlled test lab. 

We utilize the expertise of our factory trained technicians as well as a state of the art service department to perform computerized static and dynamic testing of servo valves.

When it comes to hydraulic servo valve repair and hydraulic proportional valve repair, our unmatched technical knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment make us your one-stop shop. That coupled with our knowledge base, gives you an option for an efficient high quality repair, greatly minimizing downtime

Common Manufactures Supported include: Rexroth Bosch, Moog, Parker, Star Hydraulics, Schenk Pegasus, Vickers and more.

What is Servo Valves?

A servo valve can vary the fluid flow according to the changes in the load motion. Servo valves can control high power by using small inputs and it could be electrical or mechanical. So basically a servo valve is a directional control valve, this valve can control the flow and also the direction of the flow. The servo valves are connected with a feedback sensing device and because of this, the servo valve can provide accurate control of the position, velocity, and also acceleration of the actuator.


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