At EHC, We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with the highest quality repair possible. That is never more evident than in our commitment to quality in our  Proportional Valve repair lab. 

Hydraulic proportional and servo valves are precision tools that rely on exact tolerances, real-time feedback and proper calibration for your application. Advanced Fluid Systems repair department has the equipment and experience to quickly repair and calibrate your hydraulic valves. 


Proportional hydraulic valves are able to control the opening to flow proportionally instead of gradually, as is the case for most standard hydraulic valves. The simplest type of proportional hydraulic valve is a variable throttle controlled by a manual lever. When your hydraulic application requires a very accurate control of the flow, hydraulic valves may be equipped with advanced control electronics with integrated measuring and feedback devices.

Proportional control valves are hydraulic valves that give you very accurate control of flow and pressure.

Proportional and servo hydraulic valves are usually classified as high-performance valves. This distinction gives an expected indication of performance, which tends to generalise the true differences between various types of servo and proportional hydraulic valves. Each type has its own unique performance characteristics either in controlling pressure or controlling flow. These hydraulic valves may be used to perform a directional control, pressure control or flow control function.

Proportional valves are commonly used to control pressure to a cylinder or hydraulic motor. They provide infinite spool positioning and thus infinitely adjustable flow volumes. The resulting flow or pressure output is proportional to the input change, i.e. triple the input produces triple the output.

They are controlled electronically either by sending a voltage (10V to 10V) or current signal (420mA) to the valve depending on model of valve. The electrical signal supplied to the solenoid coils creates a variable force that overcomes a spring force and shifts the main spool enough to allow supply pressure (P) to flow to port A or B.

Testing of Electro-proportional Valves


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