The LoadMatch valve is a solution unique to Sun that self-adjusts to maintain the 1.3 multiplier when the load-induced pressure is 2000 psi (138 bar) or higher. The valve will self-adjust up to the rated relief pressure although Sun recommends that the maximum load-induced pressure should be no more than approximately 75% of the rated relief pressure. Below a 2000-psi (138-bar) load-induced pressure, the valve basically maintains a fixed setting of about 2000 psi.

Why Load Matching Valve is Important

Like Load Adaptive, the Loa dMatch counterbalance valve is a counterbalance valve in many ways just like any other. The Load Match valve is based upon the 3:1 pilot ratio load-reactive load control valve. It has the same excellent modulating characteristics and hydraulic dampening that provide stable load control. Like the other load-reactive load control valves, the Load Match offers full flow relief protection, but it should be considered as thermal relief for relatively slow over-pressure events. The unique feature of the Load Match is that it is self-setting to approximately 1200 psi (83 bar) above the load-induced pressure. This pressure offset approximates the setting of 1.3 times maximum load-induced pressure. This happens dynamically and automatically as the load-induced pressure changes as long as the load-induced pressure is above 2000 psi (138 bar).